The winter is on the rise, with the corona cracking, the researchers unraveling the shocking truth


New Delhi, July 20: Is the deadly coronavirus already spread in the country? The question is. In the meantime, a joint study by Bhubaneswar IIT and AIMS researchers revealed another shocking idea that the spread of the virus during the rainy and cold weather is likely to increase as mercury increases.
A study by IIT Bhubaneswar and AIMS scientists revealed the alarming increase in cases of coronavirus Covid-19 infection in the monsoon and winter The study by V.Vinoj, an assistant professor of marine and meteorology at the School of Rath, IIT-Bhubaneswar, found that rainfall, temperature drop and cold weather could increase the prevalence of Kovid-19 infection.
A report on the temperature and relative humidity of the spread of Kovid-19 in India reported the number of coronavirus Covid-19 cases in 28 states between April and June.
Coronavirus can also spread if the weather is cold due to a decrease in temperature, rain and chill.
The Bhuvaneswara IIT study team led by V. Vinoj, associate professor of meteorology, said that the weather is favorable for the spread of the corona 19 across the country.
The study found that with the increase in temperature by one degree Celsius, there was a decrease of 0.99 per cent in cases and an increase in the doubling time of cases to 1.13 days.
Dr Bijaini Behera of the AIMS Bhubaneswar Microbiology Division, who is part of the research team, said that several studies have shown that the drop in temperature has contributed to the spread of the epidemic.
However, researchers believe that more research is needed for accurate results. Bhuvneshwar pushed for a study last month two months ago by IIT and AIMS researchers titled “Kovid-19 Spread in India Depends on Its Temperature and Relative Adaptability”.
To facilitate this study, the number of coronal cases reported in 28 states was taken into account between April and June.
Eventually, however, an increase in temperature in the atmosphere will cause a decrease in the spread of the virus. Similarly, the lower the temperature, the faster the infection rate increases.
In this regard, the study has revealed that the rate of infection in India will double in the next few days, ”he said.
However, since this study has not been conducted during the period of high humidity since the onset of the monsoon and early winter, more research needs to be done to accurately estimate the effect that the coronavirus can have during this period.
Coronavirus is already increasing day by day in India. According to data provided by the Central Health Department, coronavirus already infects 10,77,618 people in India.
26,816 people have been infected with this deadly infection. The situation is improving in Mumbai, Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Another shocking revelation by researchers in such a case is anxiety.
The number of people recovering from corona in the country is also increasing rapidly. It is comforting to note that so far 6,77,423 people have fully recovered from the disease.


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